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Prohibited Industries & Cautionary Transaction Types

Medici Bank does not provide accounts, nor facilitate payments to the following types of businesses:

Transactions Subject to Enhanced Review

For approved clients within allowed industries, we monitor all transactions to ensure compliance with relevant banking law. You can expect enhanced review of certain transactions which may be considered higher risk and warrant additional information in order to be process (whether inbound or outbound). Payments related to any of the following categories are subject to enhanced review and may be disallowed. 

Real Estate Consumer to BusinessIntercompany transfer, company loans, purchase of shares
NFP/CharityFile Sharing/Hosting servicesGold, Diamonds, Precious minerals
NutraceuticalsPayouts to Owners Metals 

Loans Investments Dating Services 
Buyer clubs/membership clubsCredit counseling/credit repair servicesCredit protection/identity theft protection
Direct marketing-subscription merchantsInfomercial merchantsOutbound telemarketers
Online marketplacesForeign exchangeMedical/therapy services
Movies and music, DVD Converter, Streaming servicesUnlock software/servicesRegistry cleaners
PC technical supportAstrology/tarot card servicesFinancial recommendations
Rebate-based businessesUpselling merchantsTravel, tickets, & events
To and/or from Money Services Businesses (MSBs) 
Multi-level marketing / Affiliate 
Marketing businesses
Resale of used vehicles